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„Feuerfrühling“ eben als Taschenbuch und Hardcover erschienen15.10.2017 00:00

Der zweite Band nach "Sommer unter schwarzen Flügeln" ist raus!

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„Winter so weit“ eben als Taschenbuch erschienen01.10.2017 09:00

Der zweite Band nach "Sommer unter schwarzen Flügeln" ist raus!

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Flüchtlingsroute: Der Todesfluss - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik 28.04.18 07:4

Diejenigen den Feuerfrühling bereits gelesen haben, werden sich sicherlich an die Szene am Evros erinnern, dem Grenzfluss zwischen der Türkei und Griechenland:

Der Evros gehört zur am schärfsten gesicherten Grenze Europas. Tausende Flüchtlinge queren den Fluss von der Türkei nach Griechenland, obwohl das gefährlich ist. Die Behörden sind überfordert.

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Peer Martin | Winter so weit | Feuerfrühling | 18.04.18 10:4 14.04.18 09:4

Aktuelle Kontrolle der Gebiete in Syrien.


‘There Are No Girls Left’: Syria’s Christian Villages Hollowed Out by ISIS 15.08.2018 17:41

While calm has returned to a Christian area of Syria ravaged by the Islamic State, the traumatized people have not, with whole villages emptied. “There are so few of us,” says a church official.

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U.S.-Turkey Tensions Could Stall Progress Against ISIS, Officials Say 15.08.2018 02:17

Joint operations between American and Turkish troops are still being planned. But officials worry about Turkey’s reliability as a battlefield partner.

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Parents of Austin Tice, Journalist Seized in Syria, Are Confident He’s Alive 14.08.2018 22:52

Marc and Debra Tice, whose son, Austin, has been missing in Syria since Aug. 14, 2012, said the Trump administration was committed to bringing him home.

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Another Surprise Meeting With Putin. This Time, It’s Merkel. 13.08.2018 20:18

The German chancellor will meet with the Russian president as their countries seek to cooperate on issues like Syria and a shared gas pipeline.

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In Syria, Explosion in Residential Building Kills Dozens in Rebel-Held Area 12.08.2018 18:35

An explosion in a residential building thought to be storing weapons and ammunition in the rebel-held province of Idlib killed at least 69 people, including 12 children, a war monitor said.

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In Lebanon Town, Refugees and Locals Agree on 1 Thing: Time for Syrians to Go 08.08.2018 11:45

Residents of Arsal, which had four times as many Syrians as local residents, hope the winding down of the Syrian war will allow refugees to return.

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Syria’s Women Prisoners, Drawn by an Artist Who Was One 07.08.2018 10:00

Azza Abo Rebieh got her guards to give her pencils and paper, then began sketching the faces and habits of fellow inmates in Syria’s notorious detention system.

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A Top Syrian Scientist Is Killed, and Fingers Point at Israel 07.08.2018 02:35

The car bombing was said to be at least the fourth Israeli assassination attempt against an enemy weapons engineer on foreign soil in the last three years.

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An Ancient River in Syria Sections Off a Modern War 03.08.2018 20:51

A trip along the Euphrates reveals damaged and depopulated towns, and an uneasy front held by a tenuous American presence.

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Personal Stories From the Refugee Experience 03.08.2018 17:23

Three books relate the individual accounts of people caught up in events larger than themselves.

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Why is there a war in Syria? 15.03.2018 10:03

What began as a peaceful uprising against President Assad in 2011 has become a full-scale civil war.

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'Islamic State': Raqqa's loss seals rapid rise and fall 17.10.2017 17:49

IS has lost its 'capital' Raqqa, but it has taken the might of a global alliance to crush it.

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Syria chemical 'attack': What we know 26.04.2017 17:31

More than 80 people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town in northern Syria.

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Syria war: Why was Shayrat airbase bombed? 07.04.2017 18:03

Why did the US target this airbase in its first intentional attack on Syria in six years of war?

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Video shows US launching cruise missiles 07.04.2017 05:28

The Pentagon releases video of missiles targeting a Syrian airfield being launched from US ships.

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Jeremy Bowen: A walk through Aleppo 14.01.2017 20:26

The BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen shares his images - and thoughts - from a journey through ruins of Syria's Aleppo.

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